Flat Rate Pricing System Leading an HVAC Paradigm Shift

The New Flat Rate can double, triple, and quadruple your service repair sales. But before we tell you all about it, we'd like to know:
  • How much money is in your bank?
  • Can you afford to vacation before the winter season starts?
  • Have you made enough money already that you no longer need to work?


If your answers to the questions above were unsatisfying to yourself, then The New Flat Rate is for you! 

With our price books, instead of presenting the customer with a repair price for one task, the book is a system which presents the customer with 5 levels of repair options.

  • Allowing the customer to upsell themself with no manipulative high pressure selling!
  • Your technicians will love how easy the system is to implement
  • You will love how quickly your service repair sales begin to double

Interested? You should be! Watch the video on the Testimonial page to learn more.